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Аннотация от автора:

Just completed the inks for a personal work/Print I'm making and debuting at the upcoming Phoenix ComiCon in June 2016... Here we see my concept based on Dr. Who Showrunner Steven Moffat's conceit that the Doctor and the Master are actually still friends (in so much as the good guy and the psychopath can be), and that they're the type of relationship that would have a row and then head to the local bar for drinks afterwards. This image popped into my head immediately. Here we see Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi), Missy (current Master incarnation Michelle Gomez), Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee), and the 'original' Master (Roger Delgado, who was actually chums with Jon). They've obviously had their fight, and now they're nursing their wounds. I've included some easter eggs throughout the piece as well, plus the new Sonic (in retrospect, I should have added broken sunglasses as well). It's got a bit of a Last Supper vibe as well, which I think is funny.

Micron pens on Strathmore 300, 11x17
Color is Adobe CS-2.

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