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GeckzGo #Фуррятина разное transfur transformation 




GeckzGo transfur werewolf удалённое 

The beasts had attacked without warning.. Three were dead before we even knew we were under attack. By the end of the battle, only my love and I remained, though I had not made it unscathed. He gazes into my eyes, promising that he would always love me, no matter what I become. I promise him

The warmth spreading down my leg gives way to the itchy sensation of sprouting fur. I raise my foot up, watching in horror as my transformation begins. I stare transfixed as the nails on my toes push forth into silver claws, the soft skin beneath my feet becoming tough and padded. New and exotic

My sharpened senses beg me to chase the night sounds, the claws on my hands and feet to rip into the flesh of fresh prey. My mouth waters for raw meat, my teeth grow and sharpen in anticipation. I must stay strong for the ones I love. I must keep my promise. I cannot give in to the animalistic

Art by Geckz J My freshly clawed digits grip the dirt below me as my hands and feet continue to shift and stretch, the sounds of cracking bones and tearing muscles filling the air. I cry out as my face twists and contorts into that of a beast, the changes consuming its once delicate features.

Art by Geckz J But I cannot give up now, not when Гм so close. I refocus all the sensations of my curse, the transformation I’ve been inflicted', into anger. And so, when I open my eyes... Anger at the beast that attacked me. Anger at becoming an affront to nature. Anger at the thought of

Later. (Epilogue) I was so afraid I'd lost you. .Leah? ifs...okay... I understand. Y...Yeah... if s...still me Art by Geckz,GeckzGo,transfur,werewolf,удалённое


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